Special Events - temp. home studio - Madison West

Staycation! March 27th and March 29th

Are you spending spring break at home?  Schedule an appointment to Create and Connect!  Choose your jewelry and make it personal!  (YES - we do have selections for boys)

Allow about 1 hour to make your jewelry and 30 minutes to cure.  Create jewelry for yourself or for Mother's Day or gifts.  Special selections for the Kiddos.  Ages 6 and up.

Appointments available Tuesday & Thursday from 9-5.  

Create for Mother's Day 2018

Book an appointment on-line during our open studio times specially for Mother's Day.

Create with photos or jewelry clay.  (If creating with photos, please e-mail or upload your photos in advance.

Dad & Daughters Create and Connect. May 6th 1-3

Special Day for Dad's and Daughters (sons too) to create for Mother's Day.  Allow about 90 minutes to complete your project.  Register Below.

Fashion Week Camp - June 18th and June 25th


Fashion Week Camp for girls!  We will spend a week of clothing and jewelry design with a fashion show at the end!

Follow the button below for more details!