Photo Upload for Re-size and Printing (Studio & Events)



Upload your photos here for Madison special events. Create Connect Jewelry Nite, Create Connect and Celebrate or fundraisers when we create with photos or logos.  Also Adult Coloring Book Jewelry Nite when we create with photos of your completed coloring book pages!  

Your photos will be resized and ready for you to Create & Connect at the event!


1. Purchase your style of jewelry for the event or register first.  Jot down your order number for the form so we may match your photos to your order.

2. When viewing this page on your smartphone or tablet, simply click the upload button and upload your photos direct after taking, or from your camera roll.  From a desktop or laptop you can upload you jpeg files.

3. Complete the form and send.


  • Do not upload more photos than the jewelry for your event your  includes.
  • Do not crop your photos or art, we will do that for you.  
  • Be sure your subject is not too close up.
  • Be sure to select a jewelry style that best fits the shape of your photo. We will crop your photo to fit, however if the photo is a close up in a square shape, too much will get cropped out for a round shape.
  • Do not have more than a few subjects per photo, as the jewelry is smallish and a group of 5-10 or more would be hard to see.