Where we started...Madison Wisconsin

Create Connect Jewelry Studio was opened as a test studio in Madison Wisconsin to model for a franchise.  

The studio was and HIT and  a DIY hot spot for all ages. 

People would travel from as far as 100 miles just to visit the only studio of it's kind.  With proprietary products not available anywhere else, we tested and perfected the DIY jewelry concept and methods.  The studio in Madison is now closed with new  beginnings in store for 2019.


New Locations Coming Soon

Corporate has relocated to SW Florida with plans to open a studio under the new name Create Connect Studio  within the Charlotte/Lee County area.  The new studio will feature our proprietary DIY jewelry along with other inovative Create and Take projects.  Create Connect Studio will be a community space for you to discover and share your creativity.  


A location in your neck of the woods...

Create Connect Studio is the new model for franchise.  After getting our locations up and running  in 2019, we will franchise.  Please join us as a customer, franchise owner or partner.  To find out when we expect  a location coming to your area, contact us.  If you have interest in owning your own one-of-a-kind DIY franchise, please visit our Franchise page.

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It's Simple! Jewelry and NOW SO MUCH MORE

Anyone can create custom jewelry that reflects their individual style.  

Your color, your style, your statement...YOU'RE TOO SPECIAL TO LOOK LIKE ANYONE ELSE. ® 

Our products help build creative confidence in women and girls!