Girl's Jewelry Designer DIY Jewelry Styles

Jewelry styles for girl's to Create & Connect!  Ages 6 and up.  New styles updated seasonally.  Jewelry is completed with jewelry clay and you are the DESIGNER!  Create jewelry the CMRT (Smart!) method.  CHOP IT, MIX IT, ROLL IT, TWIST IT!  Add your initials, crystals, textures and accents.  Your jewlery cures for 30 minutes and you wear your jewelry home!

For Boys we have backpack clip ons, military style necklace and few other "Projects" for the guys.

Description & Price List

Girls Collection

  1. Tristin Bracelet.  Silicon Rubber bracelet with a stainless steel clasp.  Snap charm base allows you to interchange custom made snaps!  Suitable for all ages, can be adjusted. Several colors available. Can also be customized with crystal initials. Studio Price: $19 with 4 interchangeable DIY snap charms. Birthday Party for 10, $17 each.
  2. Taylor Necklace.  Stainless steel study chain and shimmer accent pendant. Suitable for all ages.  Studio Price $20 with 4 interchangeable snap charms. Birthday party for 10, $18 each.
  3. Marin Bracelet.  Woven trendy bracelet with magnetic beads. Suitable for ages 10 and up due to the small area of the settings.  Available in Black or Pink.  Ladies sizes also available for Mother - Daughter matching bracelets.  Studio Price $22. Birthday Party for 10 $20 each.
  4. Me and My Doll Necklace set. Perfect for an American Girl Doll.  Stainless steel chains and two pendants.  Suitable for all ages. Studio  $24 with 4 DIY charms. Birthday Party for 10, $22 each.
  5. Lacie Bracelet.  Suitable for all ages.  Leather bracelet with cut-outs. Available in an assortment of colors. Studio price $22 with 4 DIY charms. Birthday Party for 10, $20 each.
  6. Laila Bracelet.  Silicon with stainless steel clasp. Slide charms to complete with jewelry clay.  Initials also available (extra).  Suitable for older girls due to the small space to create in for the charms.  Adjustable. Studio Price $23 with 5 DIY slide charms.  Birthday Party for 10, $21 each.
  7. Lauren Bracelet featured interchangeable circle charms that clip on to a bracelet.  Suitable for all ages.  Adjustable.  Studio price $23 with 3 charms. Birthday Party for 10, $21 each.
  8. Charm Bracelet.  A traditional charm bracelet with clip on charms.  Girl's can choose 3 charms from a variety and will create 4 DIY clip on charms. Adjustable. Suitable for all ages. Studio Price $25. Birthday Party for 10, $23 each.
  9. Holly Necklace.  Party favorite. Stainless steel chain with snap pendant.  Suitable for all ages. Studio Price $18 with 4 DIY interchangeable charms. Birthday Party for 10, $16 each.
  10. Jackie Bracelet in sustainable style! Stainless steel made from 60% post consumer steel. Suitable for older girls. Studio price $26 with 4 DIY charms. Birthday Party for 10, $22 each.
  11. Axexia Bracelet, wire bracelet with charms (vary) and snap base.  Suitable for all ages.  Studio Price $19.  Birthday Party for 10 $17 each.
  12. Sophia Cuff Bracelet. Sterling silver over bronze, suitable for all ages. Matching MOM bracelet available. Studio price $33.  Birthday party for 10, $31 each.
  13. Samantha slide bracelet. Stainless steel buckle bracelet with large slide.  Lots of room to add initials, or words.  Suitable for all ages. Studio price $30 with 3 interchangeable slide charms.  Birthday Party for 10, $27 each.
  14. Mini Rebecca Bracelet.  Sustainable style in stainless steel.  Adjustable.  Suitable for older girls as the mini snaps are smallish.  Studio price $24 includes 6 interchangeable mini snap charms.  Birthday Party for 10, $20 each.
  15. Peace and love charm bracelet in sustainable style steel.  Includes 4 diy clip on charms. Flower and peace charm accents. 100% stainless. Studio price $29.  Birthday Party for 10 $25.

Selection and prices subject to change. Not all items may be available at all times. Feel free to e-mail us in advance,