The first and only studio of it's kind was a test studio modeled for a franchise. The franchise model was tested and perfected. Create Connect (Jewelry) Studio™ is the next thing in DIY!  Prior to that it took over 7 years of investing, inventing, perfecting and testing. Create Connect Jewelry is a ORIGINAL concept created by Amy and first of its kind.  Additional innovative and proprietary projects are in store for the new CREATE CONNECT STUDIO™   launch.


New Name - Create Connect Studio™

Founder and CEO Amy has recently relocated to Florida and the test studio in Madison Wisconsin is closed.  A launch for the NEW STUDIO - Create Connect Studio ™  is planned to include 2-3 corporate owned studios  in 2019 before franchising soon after. CREATE CONNECT STUDIO™   will feature our proprietary DIY jewelry making along with a plethora  of other Create and Take projects.  Align yourself with the NEXT hit in DIY and become an owner of a ONE-OF-A-KIND studio with products and projects not available anywhere else.


Shark Tank (Almost)

  1. Just about every customer that came into my studio told Amy the same three things.
  2. (Assuming it was part of a franchise,) "How many locations?" "This is the only one?  I thought it was a franchise."
  3. "WOW you created this yourself?". (Genius Concept)
  4. "This should be on Shark Tank." 

Applications, interviews and a weeks worth of paperwork along with interviews but no show appearance.  Oh well.

Franchise Update

I have had 3 or more offers from individuals/customers to own a Create Connect  Studio in the Wisconsin area. Unfortunately I am not in a position to franchise just now, please keep in touch.  Thank you to those of you who are interested  in a location from other parts of the county (world).  Please contact me with your location and I will send you information when a franchise is in place. 

Stay in touch

the next hit in diy - SOCIAL JEWELRY MAKING



Something for everyone!  Kids, Ladies, Men, Families and more.  (Yes, REAL MEN MAKE JEWELRY!) Simple projects that help build creative confidence. 

People would drive from over 100 miles to come specifically to the only studio of it's kind in the world!

The DIY movement is HUGE!  With proprietary products not available anywhere else, Create Connect Studio is the NEXT thing!



Create Connect Studio takes only a small amount of square footage. (And will fit perfectly in any failing paint and sip or pottery studio.)

Several options for display have been tested and perfected.  Open concept with room to create and connect. Party rooms for celebrating.



Customers create gifts for people and create together with a DIY experience like no other.

Simple projects that can be completed in one sitting.  All tested and perfected!

Contact me today!  All the years of work and investing is done, proprietary products not available anywhere else.

Contact Amy

Join me as a customer, store owner (future) or partner!

Create Connect Studio/ Create Connect Jewelry