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fingerprint jewelry

Fingerprint Jewelry

Leave the little ones at home and join us for Create Connect Jewelry Nite!  Fingerprint details on small fingers do not make a deep impression, so we create a custom stamp for you to use when making Fingerprint jewelry!  Follow the simple directions with your booking confirmation.  Couples and adults do not need the stamp feature.

Jewelry Nite

Create a one-of-a-kind statement jewelry piece!  Match anything in your wardrobe!  Simple techniques allow plenty of time to CREATE & CONNECT with your friends, co-workers or family.  Choose a piece that fits your styel and budget and then customize it at the event.  Your jewelry cures in 30 minutes and you wear your jewelry home!

Make it Personal Nite!

Create jewelry for yourself or for gifts with your personal photos, artwork or logos.  Free photo re-sizing and printing.  Everything you need will be at the event. It only takes a few minutes to complete your jewelry, lots of time to Creawte, Connect & Cocktails! Your jewelry will be ready to take home!

Jewelry Nite Events

Featured Projects

Pillow Nite

Create a pillow!  Choose from several themes and complete your pillow at the event!  Great for home decor and gifts. Prices start at just $20

Mad Art Acrylic Pouring

Want to create something magical? Join us for Mad-Art Acrylic pouring! (Do not mix your drink glass with your paint glass!)  Create at piece of art for yourself or a gift. Prices start at $20

Accessory Nite

Embellish a custom tote or accessory for yourself, gift or event.  Several options to choose from including DIY flowers. (Hint: For Bridal events - match your wedding colors!)