Create Connect Studio ™  has just relocated to Charlotte County in sunny Florida!  

While we scout out the perfect place for a physical location we are available with a mobile program.  You can book an AWARD WINNING GIRLS BIRTHDAY PARTY, or set up a private event, fundraiser or Jewelry Night at your business (With our Create Connect  Cocktails mobile program).   Girl's Birthday Parties and events are available in Punta Gorda Florida, Port Charlotte Florida, Ft Myers Florida and Nort Port Florida.




Schedule a mobile event or fundraiser for your business. Host our Award Winning Girls Party at your home or location.  Mobile events available in Lee/Charlotte/Sarasota Counties.



Join us around town for POP-UP events held at local businesses in the area. Schedule an event at your business or local bar/restaurant.  Social DIY with CREATE CONNECT COCKTAILS. 



Coming soon to SW Florida and expanding throughout the country.    Interested in aligning yourself with the NEXT HIT IN DIY and owning a Create Connect Studio ™  ? Contact us today!

Girl's Birthday Parties



Girl's Birthday Parties

Choose from over 20 different style of our proprietary  jewelry available for girls ages 5-17. (Older girls can choose from over 100 styles from our ladies collections.) 

 Girls complete jewelry with CC3 jewelry clay, sparkles, textures and pigments.  Original concept not available anywhere else. Helps to build creative confidence with a simple method that yeails professional results!


One-of-a-kind Birthday Party, for YOUR one-of-a-kind

There is nothing else like it! Ages 5 and up.  We have packages for girls, teens and tweens.  (Ladies parties too!)  Prices for girls start at just $16 per guest.  Signature Sustainable style collection composed of 60% post consumer steel packages start at $20 per guest.


Create Connect & Celebrate

Until we secure a studio location, we come to you with our mobile program.  We even have our cure glass tables and crystal chairs to offer.  A completely mobile program to your home, club house or event space.

How to Book our Girl's DIY Jewelry Party in Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Ft Myers or North Port Florida

Two ways.  You can select your date from below or you can contact us via e-mail.  We will send you a special link to view all our party packages and prices.  It would be helpful to view them first, then narrow down to a couple choices and view them again with your daughter.  We have invites available or you can use our downloadable invite for an e-vite.  

For reviews on our award winning girls Birthday party, you can see the reviews on this site or visit our facebook page (Link at bottom of page.)  

We have just located to SW Florida - lets get the party started!

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Jewelry NiGHT & Pop-up events

One-Of-A-Kind Jewelry Event

Join in the DIY fun and create a one-of-a-kind treasure!

Create Connect & Cocktails

Events are around town  (Charlotte/Lee/Sarasota Counties) at local marketplaces, businesses and bars. Event times and dates will be updated here when they become available.  If you would like to hold a Create Connect & Cocktails event at your location, please contact us.    If you are attending an event please be sure to arrive on time for our practice and demo round.  NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!  Choose  YOUR STYLE from one of the selections offered. Complete the jewelry in YOUR COLOR at the event. (Over 50 colors to choose from.)  Wear your one of a kind jewelry statement home after it cures for 30 minutes during the event.   (Jewelry events are the only DIY events offered for now, we will add our other unique DIY projects at a later date.)


To be determined in the greater Charlotte, Lee and Sarasota County areas is SW Florida.  Stay Connected to find out where!