DIY jewelry with clay

DIY Jewelry with CC3™ Clay

Create Custom Jewelry with our proprietary jewelry making method when you combine our CC3™ Jewelry Clay &  our Acti-Bond™ Jewelry pieces.  Choose from over 75 styles to customize! The jewelry cures for 30 minutes and you wear your jewelry home! Your jewelry will be one-of-a-kind... like you! YOU'RE TOO SPECIAL TO LOOK LIKE ANYONE ELSE. ® 

custom photo jewelry

DIY Jewelry with your Photos

Create custom jewelry from your photos, artwork or logos. Free photo resize & printing direct from your smartphone at the event or upload your photo(s) from your smart phone or computer in advance. (Preferred, see link at top of this page).   Imagine creating custom memento gifts in minutes with the bragging rights to say... "I made it myself".

DIY Home Accent Projects

Truly we have enough jewelry styles and techniques to keep everyone busy forever (...you can never have too much jewelry!)  We also trendy DIY custom home accent projects. Dozens of simple projects  that can be completed in 1-2 hours. Like our Jewelry - you MAKE IT AND TAKE IT. No experience needed.  You will be amazed at the results.

DIY Jewlery and MORE!

MadArt Pouring

Create a stunning canvas in coolors to match your decor.  Lots of fun, wait until you see what we do with spillovers!

Fingerprint Jewelry

Couples jewelry or a memento of the kids.  For small children we make a stamp of their prints so they make an impression!

Pillow Perfection

Your Style, Your Color, Your Statement®. Choose from many designs or customize your own.  Finish it in your colors!

Open Studio, Parties & Events

Birthday Parties - Girl Scouts

Book a One-Of-A-Kind Award Winning Birthday party for YOUR one-of-a-kind! Packages available for girls, teens,  & tweens! Jewelry cures at party & everyone wears their jewelry home! Lots of party packages to choose from, bring your own cake and treats! Adorable party room included to celebrate in!

Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Parties

Create custom jewelry & pocket coins for your wedding. Choose a package where everyone makes the same style or let your guests choose.  Enjoy gifts and celebrate while your jewelry cures for 30 minutes! Everyone wears their jewelry home. Perfect activity for ALL ages, and you won't believe the professional results!

Ladies Night & Family Nite Out

Get together with your friends for a Ladies Night event or a Family Night event.  Also available at businesses & locations around town. Create Connect & Cocktails!  Simple projects you take home the night of the event! Plenty of time to visit with friends or family.  DIY Projects for Men and Boys too!

Award Winning Girl's Birthday Party

Book a ONE-OF-A-KIND Birthday Party for YOUR one-of-a-kind.  Parties available at Create Connect Studio (West-Side Home Location) or your home or event location.

 Packages available for Girl's Teens, Tweens and in-betweens!  Something for every age and budget.  AWARD WINNING!

Featured on TV & Media

Party place and new business start-up

Original Concept

8 years of inventing, testing and perfecting. 

Something for everyone

Anyone ages 5 and up can create custom jewelry!


Create Custom Jewelry in minutes at home with our DIY Designer Jewelry Kits.  All New Create Couture Jewelry Kits!

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